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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Smith Family ABC's

We have a gift-giving tradition in my family. Every couple of years or so, I try to give my brother something for Christmas that will make him cry.

It started with a picture of my dad, riding his Shetland pony. That year I gave my brother a shadowbox that included the picture and one of the set of spurs that came with Daddy's Western outfit.

Another year I found three photos of my brother and me with Santa and framed them. Once I had a plate made for him by our art teacher at school that pictured all the important places and events in his life. I'm not a very creative person, so I can't come up with these ideas every year. Tim never knows when he'll get one of these nostalgic presents, so if it looks suspicious he asks, "Is this going to make me cry?"

A couple of years ago my friend and I had been on a trip to Colorado and New Mexico. On the way home we started talking about all the ABC books that have become so popular recently. We started brainstorming about a family ABC book and what all the letters would stand for. When I got home, I wrote down the ones I could remember and determined that I would make my brother an ABC book for Christmas.

Here's the title page of the ABC book I made for my brother's Christmas present two years ago.

Here's the Table of Contents. Try it, and see if you can think of the ABC's of your family!

(By the way, I'm not telling what I made my brother for Christmas this year. It's related to our family history, but I don't think it will make him cry.)

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