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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stacy Fork School

Here in Oklahoma, school is almost over for the year.  Our last day is Wednesday, May 22.  The kids are excited, and so are the teachers!  I thought I'd post a few school-related memories in the next couple of weeks, and I'm starting with this picture of Stacy Fork School in Morgan County, Kentucky.  The picture was taken about 1902, just based on the ages of my grandmother and her brother.  Someone sent this picture to my grandmother years ago, with the names of the students faintly written on the back in pencil.  I have transcribed the names the best I can.  I hope someone sees an ancestor here!

Stacy Fork School, about 1902

1st row: left to right
Johnny Lewis
Hayden Ratliff
Jake Ratliff
Edgar Haney
Lizzie Ratliff
Sela Lewis
Fannie Castle (my grandmother)
Forrest Castle (my grandmother's brother)
May Lewis
Noah Lewis
Tony Lewis

2nd row:
Chester Lewis
Edgar Lewis
Kaner Williams
Sam Haney
Liza Ratliff
Emma Easterling
Fanny Lewis
Sylvia Combs
Ada Wills
Manda Wills

3rd row:
Hagar Wheeler
Wheeler Ratliff
Haden Lykins
Mort Easterling
Lizzie Haney
Martha Williams
Luella Combs
Malvira Williams
Bertha Lewis
Hendrix Lykins

4th row:
Henry Baze (teacher)
Emmett Haney
Boone Wills
Hezekiah Gullett
Wes Wheeler
? Easterling
Ida Haney

Top row:
Cora Castle (my grandmother's half-sister)
Lizzie Wheeler
Lizzie ?
Peone Weible
Myrtle Whitaker
Ada Whitaker

Where there are questions, please share names if you know them.  If there are corrections in names or spelling, please let me know.  And tell us about these ancestors and what happened to them after their school days!

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